Sunday, December 11, 2005

A glimpse of the future...

In the latest news from the Smart family, a pedophile has been featuring pictures of Elizabeth on his webpage. Predictably, Ed Smart is outraged.

Although I've been fairly critical of Ed in the past, this time I'm behind him 100%. I'd be disturbed if pictures of my daughters showed up on anyone's webpage, let alone one that advocates pedophilia (although I must point out that unlike Ed I don't parade my daughters in front of TV cameras every chance I get).

But this post isn't about the Smarts. It's about how our society will soon make room for pedophiles, and the mechanism for this change is contained in this paragraph:

On the Web page, Ashford calls himself a "lover of little girls" but claims that there is a difference between a pedophile and a child molester. He passes off pedophilia as simply "sexual orientation." (emphasis added)

Got that? Pedophilia is merely a sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality and homosexuality. Pedophiles, in effect, were "born that way" and "can't help themselves". What that means is someday, somewhere, some judge in some state or federal court will rule (likely in response to an ACLU lawsuit) that it is "discriminatory" to exclude open and avowed pedophiles from teaching careers, youth organizations, and the like.

I'm sure my reader(s) are now saying "oh, come on now. There's no way society will allow pedophiles near children". Really? I'm old enough to remember when homosexuality was considered to be a mental illness, and when homosexuals were considered to be "not quite right" (some now think that not liking gays is a mental illness). I've already predicted to family and friends that if current trends continue in 20 years pedophilia will be as socially acceptable as homosexuality is today. And the argument that will produce this change is the one that says sexuality is a purely genetic trait.

In a way, there is a logical consistency to this. If sexual orientation is genetically-determined like skin color or gender, then it is just as wrong to discriminate against someone because they are attracted to little girls as it would be to discriminate against someone because of their race. Since in popular opinion all discrimination is inherently bad this will not be allowed. Pedophilia will eventually be chic and glamorous, and much sooner than you think.

The gay lobby has pushed this door wide open, and it is not surprising that the pedophiles are following them through it. Given the gay lobby's continuing support of pedophile organizations such as NAMBLA, this is not that surprising.


At 10:30 PM, Blogger The Great El-ahrairah said...

I've seen this coming for a long time since in America, if we can allow one type of deviancy (homosexuality), we must allow all the rest (pedophilia). In fact, the ALCU would probably argue that necrophilia and beastiality are only just "sexual preferences". Anyone who doesn't believe me can, as we say in the Marine Corps, just stand by.


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