Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Photos from Pearl Harbor

In remembrance of the 7th of December, 1941, here are some photos that I took a few years back when I visited Pearl Harbor.

An example for the Japanese(and all who attack the United States) of what happens in the end. The Arizona Memorial showing that the Japanese drew first blood, overlooked by the battleship USS Missouri to show them the ignoble defeat that was ultimately their reward.

A look at the pier where the USS Arizona was tied up.

The wall showing the names of all those who lost their lives on the 7th of December.

More names. To go out to see the memorial, the visitors are required to sit thru a presentation about the attack on Pearl Harbor. After seeing the presentation, I found myself really, really, really wanting go bomb Japan again.

In addition to the USS Arizona being sunk, the USS Utah, an older battleship which had been converted into a target ship was also sunk. Her superstructure had been covered with wood, so when the Japanese attacked, they mistook her for the aircraft carrier, USS Saratoga, and promptly put three torpedos into her. The first struck at about 0800 and she rolled over and sank by 0812, taking 64 men to their deaths.

There is a memorial for the USS Utah on Ford Island, but unfortunately, I was not able to see it. I wanted to take my sainted father to Pearl Harbor so that he could see the memorial (he may have already when he was in the USS Navy during the 70's), but unfortunately, he died before I was able to. I am sure that he would have been greatly moved by the memorial.


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Imagine if Pearl Harbor happened today. Visit to see the reaction of the current democrat leadership.


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