Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Klinton opens mouth, spews Democratic line

Former Molester-in-Chief, Bill "Zipper" Klinton, was in Dubai today and decided to open his pie hole for something other than ramming McDonald's Big Macs down it. While speaking to an assembly of sutdents at the American University of Dubai, he called the invasion of Iraq "a big mistake". Unfortunately, he didn't draw the same conclusions when speaking of his presidency.

Ever notice how the last two Democratic presidents have turned out to be big embarrassments? Just imagine the fun that would ensue if Hillary Klinton was ever elected president. She would be busy being all presidential while her "husband" would be off to, as they say in France, "chercher la femme." Everyday would be "Girls Gone Wild at the White House". Don't laugh. Knowing both Klinton's penchant for money and power and Bill's penchant for sex, I can see them having a pay-per-view service whenever Bill needed to conduct "job interviews" for the White House secretary pool (in the White House pool!).


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