Thursday, November 10, 2005

Those PR geniuses at Al-Qaeda strike again

Lessee. Imagine you're the media advisor to a despised international terrorist organization. Which would be the best way to improve your image: Go to the UN and accuse the US of terrorism and war crimes, or blow up hundreds of innocent moderate Arabs?

Al-Qaeda continues to be stuck on stupid. They've already turned themselves into persona non grata in Iraq with their habit of blowing up schoolkids, now they've decided to turn the Jordanians against them. If they keep this up, we won't have to fight them anymore. As soon as Al-Qaeda operatives show up in any Arab country, the locals will kill them.

In fact, this latest attack was so counterproductive and stupid I almost expect some of the Lefty Tinfoil Hat Brigade to suggest that it actually was a product of the Evil Chimpy McBusHitlerburton conspiracy to divert attention from the US elections.

I'd almost bet on it.


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