Saturday, April 30, 2005

Sometimes I surprise myself

I consider myself to be reasonably intelligent. I'm not the most insightful person in the world, but I can read people and see where things are going. Still, when I wrote this last week

To me, there's always been something a bit creepy about Ed Smart. His voice is whiny, his personality is grating, and he is an unabashed publicity hound. Whenever he says something like "Elizabeth needs to get on with her life" you can bet you'll see her within a week at some carefully-choreographed media event with her dad.

I was engaging in hyperbole. I didn't really expect to see a story on Elizabeth Smart within a week; I just knew based on what I'd seen in the past that Ed couldn't keep his daughter (or himself) out of the limelight.

So I'm understandably smug after seeing this story in today's Deseret News. Here it is, only a couple of weeks after Ed bewailed all the media attention is daughter is getting, and we find that Elizabeth is appearing in the latest issue of People magazine. With her father's consent, by the way.

Maybe I should become a psychic.


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