Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sorry Professor, but you're wrong

It doesn't happen often, but Instapundit is off the mark.

Polls are kind of like Rorshach tests; different people see what they want to see. For moderate and libertarian Republicans, the reason for the President's dropping poll numbers is the Terri Schiavo affair. After all, they opposed his actions, so the public is simply agreeing with them, right?

Wrong. Almost completely overlooked is the effect of the President's ill-advised "vigiliante" comments that he made while standing the in the presence of the Mexican president. For the large majority of Americans who are concerned about illegal immigration, this was tantamount to the Democrats going to Baghdad to denounce the President in 2002. The backlash has gone unnoticed by the Main Stream Media, but some moderate Republicans have felt it.

Similarly, the Media hype about Terri Schiavo was based on their fondest wishes, not on reality. As I pointed out earlier, if one wanted to see the real political fallout from the Schiavo controversy, one had to merely watch the actions of the Democrats. And they certainly did not act as if they had the support of the majority.


At 11:56 AM, Blogger deignan said...

For my part, the president lost my support since he failed in his constitutional duty to protect Schiavo from a unlawful judicial execution.

(I go into the reasoning at my blog).

Great site!


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