Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Liberals bet on the wrong horse...again

Captain Holly has recognized the political significance of the Terri Schiavo case for some time now. And unlike the MainStreamMedia, I recognize that this issue has the potential to blow up in the faces of the embodiment of America's Left wing, the Democrat party. Sure enough, three news stories have surfaced today that demonstrate maybe the Democrats and the pro-death liberals have bet on the wrong horse...again.

The first is the somewhat surprising appearance of Jesse Jackson at Terri's hospice. Now it's not surprising the good Reverend Jackson would seek out the cameras; what is surprising are his staunch pro-life views. While Rev. Jackson is not a spokesman for all African-Americans, he does represent the generally pro-life views of the majority of religious blacks. Strike one against the liberals.

The second is the announcement that the Pope might have a feeding tube inserted into him. What, you say? You mean the Pope, arguably the most recognized man in the world, will be getting the same treatment as Terri Schiavo? And he's not brain-damaged? Strike two against the liberals.

The third is this column in that far-right journal, the Village Voice. In it, ultra-conservative ideologue Nat Hentoff unloads both rhetorical barrels on his fellow leftists, demonstrating that not all who are opposed to Terri's starvation are "snake-handlers" and "theocrats". Strike three against the liberals.

In truth, one didn't need these stories to understand that the MSM's hysteria about fracturing Republicans and Christian Mullahs running the government were bunk. Just a quick review of all the moderate, red-state Congressional Democrats who voted for the bill allowing federal review of the case, or the fact that no prominent Democrat has even gotten near Michael Schiavo, provides all the necessary evidence. This issue is political poison for them, and the Democrats know it.

And once again, they've bet on the wrong horse.


At 12:11 AM, Blogger Rosemary said...

Not only did they bet on the wrong horse, they set the stage for the fight for judges. I am sick and tired of judges telling us what we voted for doesn't matter, because France doesn't agree!

It was not a political issue. The democrats made it political by calling us right wing *right to life* people "nuts." Okay, I'm a nut. What's their excuse? LOL.


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