Monday, March 28, 2005

El-ahrairah's Continuing Iraqi Saga: Waiting for a milair flight to Iraq

In our last installment of El-ahrairah's Continuing Iraqi Saga, we find our hero being tortured by being forced to wait and wait and wait for a milair flight to Iraq. However, things started looking up when a flight was found with lots and lots of seats available. Our hero was very happy now that he could leave the land of bier and bratwurst and fly to the land of sand and terrorists. However, his joy was short-lived due to his flight being delayed due to thunder and lightning. But, after two hours, he was again happy because things were moving ahead and he was loaded on a bus with the rest of the travellers and taken out to the airplane. However, his joy was again dashed to bits on the rocky crags of reality because when they arrived at the airplane, they were told to return the terminal because the airplane was broken. At the terminal, our hero and the other travellers were told that the Air Farce would fix the plane and that they would only have to wait for an hour and half. But alas, the evil "mandatory crew rest" demon raised it's ugly head and forced the aircrew to stop all work for the night and go to bed. Our intrepid hero and his fellow travellers were told to return to the air terminal the next day and "fer sure" they would soon be on their way to the land of sand and terrorists. It was said that the depending on where the aircrew happens to be, the evil "mandatory crew rest" demon can be ignored. For example, if the aircrew found themselves in the evil land of burkas and terrorists, they would ignore the demon so that they could leave very quickly. However, since they were in the land of bier, bratwurst and buxom bar maids by the name of Brunhilda, they decided that they should appease the evil "mandatory crew rest" demon and make the mandatory "sacrifice".

So, as we leave our hero, he is still waiting for the "freedom flight" to the land of sand and terrorists. The aircrew has satisfied the "mandatory crew rest"demon and hopefully, the Air Farce will have fixed the plane. If not, whoo-hoo, another night of lodging in the land of bier and bratwurst.


At 2:14 AM, Blogger Rob said...

The Chair Force is full of sacrifices the likes you have mentioned. For example, I have made the sacrifice of sleeping in an air-conditioned tent while in the Chair Force. I must also tell you of the sacrifices I personally make when I go to the mess halls with the buffets, shrimp, filet mignon, steaks, and wonderfully prepared lemon meringue pie. And let's not forget that when Chair Force members go on temporary deployments they are usually lodged in a 4-star hotel and their own personal rental car. Life is is rough for sure.


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