Sunday, April 24, 2005

Today's AS Freakout Level is "Disgusted"

From this Spoons post, I obtained this gem. (Praises be to Allah for the graphic).

A long time ago (early 2002), when I discovered the world of weblogs, was the first blog I ever read. At the time, he was a post-9/11 conservative, a take-no-prisoners warblogger of frothing intensity.

Since then, he's turned into a simpering, whining, narcissistic moderate, who demonstrated in the last election that he would gladly jettison the War on Terror for legalized gay marriage. This new incarnation of AS is quite sensitive and easily upset, so much so that it's a running joke among conservative bloggers.

So, The Warren is proud to offer the Andrew Sullivan Freakout Meter. Check the bottom of the sidebar for your daily update.


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