Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ahnuld "gets" the immigration issue

Just at the point when I thought the Republicans were on their way repeating the 1992 election fiasco, the Governator provides them with a backbone transplant.

President Bush's recent drop in the polls is not due to the Terri Schiavo affair but to his remarks about the Minutemen being "vigilantes". If Karl Rove is as smart as everyone says he is he will start moving the Party to the right on this issue. Perhaps Arnold speaking out is part of a bigger plan to get the Republicans moving.

There is a tremendous amount of resentment among Americans, both native-born and immigrants, over the failure of the Federal Government to secure the southern border with Mexico. In my opinion, we're just another 9/11 away from mass deportations and closed borders. It's too bad we have to endure another terrorist attack to get the government to do something about it.


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