Sunday, December 11, 2005

Welcome to all liberals!

A hearty Welcome! to all liberals who happen to come here from Senate Minority Leader's "blog", Give'Em Hell Harry. I drop by every once in a while to see what Brother Reid is spewing and decided to leave an invite for all liberals since, as the tagline for The Warren says, we don't want anyone to ".....get(s) Stuck on Stupid ('cept the liberals)".

For all you liberals that like to hear the illustrious DNC Howard "Tin-Foil Hat" Dean put his foot in his mouth, here is the latest from the GOP (by way of Wizbang!). Of course, it's not "Tin-Foil Hat" Howie's fault. That Evil Karl Rove used mind-control techniques to force Howie to say those things, right?

For all you Defeato-crats who wonder where that term came from, go here. The article is by Mark Steyn (the One-Man Global Content Provider). His site should be required reading for all "defeato-crats" and liberals, since we don't want them to get "Stuck on Stupid".

I hope our liberal visitors have found their visit to The Warren to be "enlightening" and "thought-provoking". My only hope is that they will see the error in their ways and dump the loosers now found in the Defeato-cratic party. The country that they save will be their own.


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