Friday, December 16, 2005

My 2 cents worth

Yet again, President Bush, despite all the hopes and wishes of the Defeato-crats and the MSM, has won again. Like the Cap'n pointed out, the Iraqi people have voted and this is the beginning of the end, not only for the insurgents but also for the Defeato-crats. Some in the Defeato-cratic party have read the writing on the wall (like Senator Biden) and have jumped on the Hurray-for-Iraq bandwagon, but I doubt that "Cut and Run" Murtha or "Tin Foil Hat" Dean will be one of them. They probably think it's just another Evil Karl Rove plot.

The war's not over with, but it just hit it's tipping point. The only way that the US can loose now is if we let the Defeato-crats convince us that cutting and running is the only honorable thing to do. Although the MSM and the liberals think otherwise, President Bush will go down in history as one of our better presidents. Doesn't it feel good to watch liberals eat their words?


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