Thursday, June 19, 2008

Outrage, liberal style

Recently, in the Great State of Utah, there has been outrage, outrage I say, that some entrepreneurs would want to make a cheap buck off making fun of the Obamamessiah. Apparently, they came up with the idea of making an Obama sock puppet which looked alot like Curious George, the monkey. Unfortunately, the forces of liberal outrage marshalled themselves to put a stop to this and shutdown this flagant profanement of the image of the Obamamessiah.

When I heard about it, I thought it would be an actual sock puppet, you know, the kind that you put your hand in, but after seeing a picture of the puppet, it wasn't what I thought. However, with everyone screaming "Racist! He has insulted the image of the Obamamessiah! Off with their heads!", I'm of the opinion that the company should try to manufacture it. If everyone really deep, down inside thinks that it is sick and racist, then the company will go bankrupt. However, I wouldn't be so sure.

Now for all you liberal readers of the Warren who are shocked and scandalized that I would not show any kind of outrage, I ask you this: Have you ever seen the program "Lil' Bush" on Comedy Central? In this program, President Bush, his administration and most conservatives are made fun of in rather crude ways. The program makes fun of Democrats also, but only as minor characters. It's more centered on President Bush. This program is much more offensive to President Bush that some sock puppet to the Obamamessiah, but you don't hear any liberals whining about it. Of course not, they are too busy laughing at it.

So, all you Obamamessiah worshippers out there: Is the Obama sock puppet racist? You tell me if you think Lil' Bush is offensive and Comedy Central should be boycotted. Until such time that liberals start treating conservatives and the president in the same way that they want us to treat the Obamamessiah, I don't have any reason to get all excited over a "so-called" racist sock puppet.

P.S. For all you liberals who are going to start saying "Oh yeah, well what if some made a sock puppet about Joseph Smith or some other famous member of the LDS Church, what would think then?", you can shove it. I'm a conservative and a member of the LDS Church. You don't think I'm constantly bombarded by jokes, cartoons, etc., which make fun of my religious faith? If you don't think so, do a quick Google Search and you'll find hundreds of websites which make fun of my religion. My religion is laughed and ridiculed at by "so-called" open-minded people who pride themselves on how "progressive" they are and how they feel for oppressed minorities. You would never hear them making fun of any other religion (especially Muslims), but Joseph Smith and Mormons, well if I had a nickel for everytime someone has asked me how many wives I had, I would have retired many, many years ago. So, don't lecture me on what ifs. Your arguements just prove my point, all liberals are hypocrites.

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