Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Second Coming of Jimmah Car-tah

The last time that America elected a president who didn't have a clue about foreign policy or how the economy worked, we got 4 years of a peanut farmer from Plains, Georgia named Jimmah Car-tah. For those of your too young to remember what his presidency was like, lets just say the following : double-digit inflation, the Iran hostage crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the 1980 Olympic boycott, gas shortages, the "moral equivalent of war" against Big Oil and Vice President "Malaise". In short, the worse presidency in modern history which is no wonder that Americans turned out en masse to elect his successsor (Ronaldus Maximus).

Since Obama has shown that he also doesn't have a clue, it is safe to say that 4 years of Obama will be like the second term of Jimmah Car-tah. Well, it looks like John McCain has taken this idea to heart and (hopefully) will run with it to counter the Democratic talking point of him being Bush's third term. Linking Obama with Carter will remind everyone what happens when you elect a neophyte who doesn't have a clue. I shudder to think of another failed Carter-esque presidency.

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