Friday, June 13, 2008

Drill #@&%^* everywhere

At times it seems that John McCain really doesn't want to be president. There are issues that he could go after Obama and the rest of the Democrats that would be major winners. Case in point: Energy policy and oil prices. With a barrel of oil going for $135 and gas over $4 per gallon, McCain could hammer the Democrats about how they are happy that gas is this high and they want it to go even higher. McCain could go into "Maverik Mode" and start pushing for more drilling. He could even frame it the same way that President Kennedy did with putting a man on the moon. "Before the end my second term, America will be energy independent. We will drill everywhere and anywhere that there is oil in the United States. We will develop other forms of energy like oil shale and coal-to-oil technologies. We will do all this so that the United States will no longer be held hostage to hostile foreign governments like Venezuela and Iran or so-called friendly foreign governments like Saudi Arabia and Russia, and when we are energy independent, we will laugh as their economies fail and the citizens revolt."

Anyway, this would be a winner for McCain. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he wants to win.

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