Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Compared to whom?

Barack Obama said that President Bush falls short as a world leader. Since he has made such a blanket statement, I wonder just who is a good world leader according to him? President Bill Clinton? He was was too busy molesting the hired help to be bothered with what was going on in the world. President Jimmy Cah-tah? Three words: Iran Hostage Crisis and if that isn't enough, here's a fourth: Incompetent. Kofi Annan? If there was ever a man more corrupt in the world's most corrupt organization, it has to be him.

I have just thrown out three of the left's favorite "world leadears" and all three of them are a joke. If Obama wants to suggest any others, I'd would like to hear who he thinks a "world leader" actually is. From the examples that I have given, it's easy to see that the only world leaders in the last 30 years have been Republicans. All the Democrats have been total failures.


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