Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So if Vice President Cheney is all that, what is Harry Reid?

(Posted from an e-mail at El-ahrairah's request -- CH)

The latest brou-haha at BYU this year involves the selection of commencement speaker. This year, BYU has invited Vice President Dick Cheney to speak. This generated all kinds of criticism by left-leaning members of the church (yes, they do exist although the Great El-ahrairah thinks they are on the path to apostasy) and BYU decided to even allow these misguided souls to protest his visit (which shocked even me). The SL Tribune, not to be outdone in criticizing the LDS Church, decided to wade in with their two cents worth when one of their resident Mormon-haters, Rebecca Walsh, penned this blurb. Yet again, the Mormon-haters at the SL Tribune need to “get a life” as the very next day, BYU announced that Senate Majority Leader “Dirty” Harry Reid will be speaking there in November. The church’s official statement should be read as it gives a good spanking to the SL Tribune for jumping to conclusions before getting all the facts straight (in typical liberal fashion).

Since all newspapers, even those in Utah, are mostly liberal bastions of stupidity, the articles devotes more time airing liberal talking points from “concerned citizens”, and the Deseret News is no exception. However, every criticism that their “concerned citizen” levels at the vice president can also be thrown right back at “Dirty” Harry Reid, and at least the vice president is not advocating that the United State surrender to terrorists. Brother Reid on the other hand would rather that we should “cut and run” from Iraq and is only to happy to start the Defeato-cratic surrender party to people whose only aim in life it to destroy our freedom and free agency (you know, that eternal principle). Now the question for those who would criticize the Bush administration and vice president in particular is “Do you support stabbing our troops in the back and spitting on their graves a la Vietnam like Brother Reid? Yes or No answers only, no liberal nuance or equivocating.”

I do hope that when “Dirty” Harry comes to town, I can be in the state and take time off to protest his visit to BYU. In the same way that liberals at BYU don’t want the vice president speaking there, I do not want Brother Reid to besmirch the reputation of BYU by even showing his cut-and-run, military-hating, terrorist-loving face there. If liberals want to protest to “speak truth to power”, I want to be there to “speak truth to idiocracy”.


At 11:36 AM, Blogger Richard said...

Brother Reid (I use the term "brother" liberally) is a disgrace and traitor to his country, would have been hung during the cival war era, and is an embarrasment to the LDS church spits in he face of its principles (remember Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty? or LDS Leaders' call for church members to support the gay marriage ban?). As a BYU graduate, I am deeply ashamed that BYU would allow Bro. Reid's filth to defile our great campus and mock principles of honesty, patriotism, which are principles that few other universities are interested in today.
The thought of Bro. Reid being honored by allowing to speak at BYU makes me cringe in disgust.


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