Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh well, life goes on (I hope)

With the Defeato-crats having taken control of the House of Representatives and (apparently) the Senate, it looks like we will be treated to Congressianal hearings 24/7 on everything from Iraq to Guantanamo to Mark Foley to disgraced evangelical preachers, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. Nothing like showing that the Defeato-crats can govern by wasting the taxpayer's time.

Of course, the one person that they should hold hearings on, future Senate Majority Leader "Dirty Harry" Reid, will be noticably absent. As I posted earlier in October, he has his own "culture of corruption" problem, but since it doesn't involve IM traffic to congressional pages about the size of their "package", nobody really cares. Maybe if he was found to have done methamphetamine and had anonymous gay sex it would cause a stir, but illegal land deals? Boring!

Looking for the silver lining, hopefully President Bush and the Republicans will use this two years to get their ducks in a row and really stick it to the Defeato-crats next election. Since the President and his Vice-President are not running, the President could fly around the county, using the bully-pulpit like Klinton did, to bash Defeato-crats in less than restrained manner. Instead of saying things like "I'm not questioning their patriotism, I'm questioning their judgement", he should come out swinging with "Of course, I'm questioning their patriotism when they are advocating that the US loose a war!" No more sugar-coating, let's-all-play-nice-and-get-along talk. He should call it like he sees it and let the chips fall where they may. If not, well, I guess life will go on after we all convert to Islam and the Defeato-crats sell the country out to the terrorists.


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