Thursday, October 12, 2006

Harry Reid "dirty"? Say it isn't so!

As pointed out in this post from the Captain's Quarters, Senate Minority Leader, "Dirty Harry" Reid has a "culture of corruption" problem himself. I don't know whether to be shocked or just mildly interested since I knew the other shoe would drop after the Abramoff scandal.

I posted in December last year my thoughts on Brother Reid. To say that I feel that he is an embarrassment to the LDS Church is charitable. This new scandal coupled with his ties to Abramoff would be enough to unseat him from the Senate if he was a Republican, BUT, since he is a Democrat, there will be no 24/7 MSM coverage about this (unless of course, he sent salacious IM traffic to congressional pages) and it will be quickly swept under the rug and convienently forgotten.


At 8:27 AM, Blogger Rosemary said...

I've known about this little scum that the scum of the earth wipe off their shoes for a while, but I don't remember hearing more than 20 seconds, once, on the tv. How's that for an answer?

Oh, they use the excuse that it's too compicated for the USA people to understand. WHY DON'T THEY LET US DECIDE, HMM? Argghhh!


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