Sunday, November 05, 2006

A good start

I'm sure that all the vast multitude of readers of the Warren remember the following old joke:

Question: "What do you call sinking a boatload of (insert name of non-federally protected group of people here) in the ocean?"
Answer: "A good start."

With today's news out of Iraq, we can modify the joke to the following:

Question: "What do you call Saddam Hussein and two co-defendants swinging by a hangman's noose?"
Answer: "A good start."

I posted once before (I think it was on the other server but I'm too lazy to go searching right now) that I would be cheering the day that Saddam Hussein goes to meet his eternal reward. Although he won't swing for awhile longer, you can be rest assured that when he does, although the MSM won't show the video, it will be on YouTube in a femtosecond.


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