Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry's Opinion on the Military

By now, we have all heard about John "War Hero" Kerry's remarks on the military and education. My only reponse is that I'm not surprised. We all deep, down inside know that John Kerry despised the military in the way that only an east-coast liberal can, so why be surprised. Eventually, in the heat of campaigning, just like the fecal material floating to the top of the cesspool, his true self would come out and we would all be treated to what just transpired. In true Democratic fashion, he later tried to "clarify" his remarks and of course, he cited his military record from Vietnam as if that gave him a pass for his 30+ years of stabbing the military in the back. Once a despiser of the military, always a despiser of the military.

But, then again, this could be just another evil Karl Rove, mind-control plot to force John Kerry to insult the military and take the focus off the administration and Iraq and put it on the Democrats and their opinions of military service. At least, that's what the Defeato-crats will say when they loose the election because of these remarks. All the Democrats where hoping for a big present in November, but it looks like they will be taking home a lump of coal.


At 10:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on the absolute dearth of comments on this blog, I have to assume no one actually reads it (I stumbled across it in a Google search looking where I can find one of those sublime "nutcake" stickers.)

What's the actual point of an "ultra right-winger in the middle of Utah" blog? How heroic, "I represent 90% of the residents of my community and I'll be 'super in-your-face' about it even though no one bothers to read it." You must be very proud to be the champions of a misled, yet outspoken majority.

I suppose there's pretty good reason Bush's support is hovering right around 35% in the real world but still manages to enjoy 60-70% approval here in la-la land. Given the fact that most of the population here is raised from a very early age to believe what they're told, regardless of whether common sense indicates otherwise, it only follows that a know nothing president could enjoy such popularity among a know nothing state.

Anyway, rant off. I'll vote on Tuesday and it won't make an ounce of difference. Congratulations, weenies. Given the choice, I'll take "nutcake" over brainwashed dimbulb any day. Big thumbs up.

At 4:31 AM, Blogger The Great El-ahrairah said...

It sure seems like someone is suffering from both Bush Derangement Syndrome and Utah Derangement Syndrome. Actually, the last MSM poll showed that Bush's approval rating was 43%, but since liberals think that the measure of a good president is his approval rating and how many of the hired help he molested, for them, President Bush is a failure.

Just like a liberal to think that since I don't support his opinion, I'm brainwashed by the church, my parents, etc. Well, at least it's better than being brainwashed by the MSM (who we all know lies). Since this is a free country, if you don't like living in a state where the majority of the population believe that this country is the greatest on the earth and that liberals are basically liars, then please leave. Oops, now will come the excuses like "Well, I would like to, but I have A) a job here, B) the kids are in school, C) I have a house to pay for, D) there are no jobs anywhere else, E) I like the skiing," etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum. Why don't you put youyr money where your mouth is and leave. Show us that you really have some convictions instead of whining about how "oppresive" the state of Utah is.


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