Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Stupid Dog Owners

Just as it happened a few weeks ago, another dog owned by an irresponsible person has been shot while in the act of chasing animals.

This time, however, it wasn't a single deer; it was a whole flock of purebred sheep valued at $1,300 each. The dog's owner will be lucky to get off with just a dead dog and a citation, since his loving pet chased the sheep onto the railroad tracks where over 100 were hit and killed by a train. Total damages are estimated to be over $100,000.

He'd better have good homeowner's insurance.

Contrary to what some might think, I don't hate dogs -- I'm more of a cat person, but I own neither because my wife is allergic -- but I do despise irresponsible dog owners. I'm sure some animal-rights weenies will try to get Utah's law on dogs changed during the upcoming legislative session. I truly hope they fail.

UPDATE: I was right -- the Humane Society is aware of the law, and they certainly don't like it.


At 8:12 PM, Blogger Suzene said...

I own two dogs myself and I agree with you 100% -- irresponsible dog owners don't just make life hell for non-dog owners who would prefer that people keep their beloved slobberballs at arm's length or greater, they make it so that people who take pains to make sure that others aren't inconvenienced by their choice to have pets get flack for the stupid actions of the idiots.

At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And so again I was at the park today with my dog on leash (it is an on-leash park) and we were approached by an off-leash dog not under the control of its owner. I said "call your dog," and received the typical response of "oh, I didn't know your dog wasn't friendly" .... For the record MY DOG IS FRIENDLY - but I don't know YOUR dog, STUPID DOG OWNER! Of course, I just politely tried to explain that it is not appropriate or safe for off-leash dogs to approach on-leash dogs, and that if he couldn't keep his dog under his control, and my dog perceived a threat, I would spray his dog. He told me that was fine, he would just "throw him in the river to wash it off." When I explained that it was pepper spray and wouldn't feel very good, he said to me "it shouldn't feel good to you either".... feels better than stitches...and I would gladly spray the STUPID DOG OWNER instead...

Where is the confusion? I don't understand why people think that just because I don't want their dog to approach me uninvited that I have a dog with a problem (I do not, he is very well-socialized). If they cannot control their dog off the leash, it simply needs to be on the leash, period.

Later in our outing we came upon a girl with her dog off leash. As it turned toward us she said "no" and the dog turned back to her and they continued on their way. That is a person with a well-behaved/well-mannered dog. If your dog doesn't come to you when you call it, or stay with you when you command it, it doesn't belong off leash EVER, period. Seems like a pretty simple concept but somehow every single time I take my dog out I encounter these people who are clueless about proper social dog etiquette, and they want to put me on the defensive for requiring that they get their dog away from me and mine.

And as for the leash, a note to STUPID DOG OWNERS: Just because the leash is 12 feet long with a loop at the end, doesn't mean it is okay for you to have your dog 12 feet out on a 5-foot wide trail, dragging you along, especially if you are approaching a person who also has a dog on a leash. You may think the wagging tail and enthusiasm you are seeing from the rear means your dog is "friendly," but most of the time from the other side we who have our dogs under control see your dog zeroed in and very obviously in an aggressive posture, and our dogs see it too. This is called "picking a fight." So, when you come upon another dog (stranger) - REEL IT IN!! You wouldn't let your children run up to a stranger, so why do you let your dog?

At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When encountering stupid dog owners, what's worse than being a responsible dog owner? Easy. Being a non dog owner (or without your dog)! If I had a nickel for each stupid dog owner I've seen, I'd have quite a stock market gambling fund. Just today, I found yet another idiot, who btought her dog into a restaurant, which is illegal in Chicago. I proceeded to remind the manager saying "Wxcept for seeing eye dogs or cops with narc dogs, isn't it illegal to bring your LIVESTOCK into a restaurant?" nice and loud.

This yuppie woman stood in the foyer to wait for food then left once she got it. I guess I got her embarrassed. Note that yuppies think of their dogs as more important than people, which is why I used the word "livestock" to remind her it's not a person. She's lucky I was not in my summer configuration, in which I look black. as I have a beef with yuppie dog owners like the above idiot.


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