Friday, October 15, 2004

Two illustrations of the worthlessness of the MSM

Here are two illustrations of just how worthless and out-of-touch the MSM actually is and, of course, they use satire to illustrate the point.

The first is an op-ed piece that Senator Zell Miller wrote in the Washington Times about how the MSM of today would cover the World War II invasion of Iwo Jima. Interesting how the MSM send reporters without a clue to cover major events.

The second is a post that I have seen before about how the MSM would report the D-Day invasion today. I dunno, but could it be only a coincidence that the reporting sounds exactly like what we are hearing from Iraq or am I just dreaming?

"Gunga Dan" Rather and the rest of the MSM should read both of these illustrations to see just how stupid the MSM really is, but, since they don't see themselves other than gods ("I'll tell you what to think!!!"), don't hold your breath.


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