Monday, September 27, 2004

Those Mean, Nasty Evangelicals have struck again!

Little noticed during all the hurricane hoopla last week was this little tidbit: Louisiana became the latest state to deliver an electoral bitch-slap to the gay lobby.

By my count, that's 6-0. Six states so far have ratified marriage amendments to their constitutions, all by wide margins, and not one has failed to pass a traditional marriage amendment through voter inititative. For an unpopular, losing issue, this sure seems to have alot of strength.

Why didn't we hear about this? Well, of course, the Kerry campaign does not want to mention it at all, especially with pro-traditional marriage amendments on the ballots in crucial swing states like Oregon and Arkansas this November. And the MainStream Media (MSM, which, interestingly enough, is the abbrevation for the term "men who have sex with men" in scholarly public health literature) were probably too busy trying to save Dan Rather's sorry pinko ass to mention it. With the hurricanes, who had time to notice?

Of course, then there's those willfully blind ideologues in Lavender America who don't see anything that doesn't fit their narrow agendas. A quick check of the archives of America's Favourite Hysterical Brit Bugger reveals that he wrote all of a single post hyperventilating about bigotry and Jim Crow. Then he follows it up a week later with this item about Nova Scotia. Included in this weak attempt to explain how a small Canadian province will set US domestic policy is this howler of a quote:

What I'm saying, I guess, is that this social movement is unstoppable. All you can do is persecute, harass and marginalize those who are a part of it. But you can't stop them loving one another, or committing to each other, or getting actual marriage licenses (from Canada) that will reinforce the revolution. For a long time, I urged conservatives to co-opt this social change rather than resist it. For the most part, I failed. But the real victims of this, in the very long run, will not be gays. It will be conservatives.

Unstoppable?!? Uh, Andrew, my boy, Nova Scotia's expanded gay rights were arbitrarily imposed on its' people by a few members of the Provincial Supreme Court.

Louisiana's affirmation of traditional marriage was supported by nearly 80 frickin' percent of the voting population.

Now, dear Andy, which process do you think is more democratic? Which more accurately reflects the views of the average American? And which result do you think has more political support? Are you really, truly this delusional? Or is your bias on this issue turning you into another Dan Rather?

The backlash against gay marriage is building, Andrew. You'd better pay attention to reality, or you'll end up a laughingstock.


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