Friday, September 24, 2004

Cool election projection websites

I stumbled on to these two websites from the VodkaPundit and the Weblog of Tomorrow. They are electorial college projections from a Republican viewpoint and a Democratic viewpoint. The Republican website is OK, but I prefer the Democratic website. It shows the support for each candidate in different colors as "solid" (>10% lead), "weak" (<10%>5% lead), "barely" (<5% href="">least squares linear regression lines on the state polls". When you click on it, Bingo! George Bush wins re-election by 336 votes to 192 for Kerry! Of course, there is a disclaimer that the data should not be taken seriously until around October, but we are almost in October now. I find it interesting that a Democratic website would be calling the election already for Bush. Maybe they know something that CBS doesn't.


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