Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bush? Kerry? For France, it's the same.

John "the War Hero" Kerry would like the US public to believe that if he is elected president, all our European allies (read: the French) would suddenly become our "close, personal friends" again and start sending troops to Iraq. This report in the New York Daily News would tend to support that position. The report basically says that other countries are not "ponying up" any support due to their animosity towards President Bush. Buried towards the end of the report however, is a comment from an un-named French official that suggests that animosity towards President Bush isn't the real reason. He accuses President Bush of using this as a way of winning votes.

"They are spinning for domestic political reasons," the official said. "If Kerry is elected we wouldn't send troops either. We don't need more targets in Iraq."

So, it looks like, at least for the French, even if their "man" is elected President, they won't be too eager to provide any help in Iraq. The legacy of Charles deGaule is alive and well in France.


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