Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A proud day for America and the Great State of Utah

A proud day for America and yet another proud day for the Great State of Utah. US Postal Cycling Team rider and Utah son, David Zabriskie, won the 11th stage of the Tour of Spain (Vuelta d'Espana). If my memory serves me right, this the first time that anyone from the Great State of Utah has ever won a stage in any major cycling event. So that you can grasp the magnitude of this win, in the world of cycling, the three biggest races are the Tour de France, followed by the Giro d'Italia and then the Vuelta d'Espana. At this time, another US Postal rider, Floyd Landis (another proud American) is the overall leader in the Vuelta d'Espana, so if he holds on and wins the race, with Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de Lance, oops, France, this would be a very good year for the US Postal team.


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