Sunday, September 12, 2004


The Cap'n already talked about this and so have numerous other bloggers, but here is my 2 Euro cents worth: The documents are forgeries and the DNC/Kerry campaign if not directly involved, knew about this from the start. I have often said that the liberal media want Kerry to be elected, so they will stop at nothing to bring President Bush down, ergo, CBS producing forged documents should come as no surprise. So now that CBS and Dan Rather are caught in the bathroom with their pants down and sheep in the bathtub, they have to change the subject and start saying that:

"Well, even if there is a question about the documents authenticity, we need to address what the documents say. Did President Bush disobey a lawful order and did he get preferential treatment to join the National Guard? The documents apparently say that he did, so we need to address these important questions about the ability of President Bush to lead this nation, yada, yada, yada."

OK, one thousand brownie points to the first person to tell me what is wrong with this statement. That's right! If the documents are forgeries, then the content of these forged documents are also forgeries. You would have to be blind (or a Democrat) to not see the extent that CBS News and Dan Rather are biased.

With less than sixty days before the election, don't be surprised if more "damning" evidence shows up against the President. The "old news media" are going over President Bush's life with a fine-tooth comb. Who knows that else they will "miraculously" find. One thing is for sure. Thanks to the forgers at CBS News, we will all be well-versed in the ability of 1970's era typewriters to do superscripts and proportional spacing when the campaign is over.


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