Monday, September 13, 2004

On this day in military history......1759 and others

On this day in military 1759. The British army defeated the French on the Plains of Abraham (Quebec City) during the French and Indian War (or Seven-Year War in Europe). This was the first real world war as the French and British fought in far-flung colonies and places around the world. The French were eventually defeated and gave up Canada to the British, thereby giving men who carried the feminine-sounding names of Marcel, Rene and Michel the chance to play hockey instead of becoming hairdressers.

On this day in military 1847. General Winfield Scott's army stormed Chapultepec fortress on the outskirts of Mexico City during the last battle of the Mexican-American war and helped to write the first line of the Marine Corps Hymn.

On this day in military 1940. Trying to regain it's past Roman glory, Italy invaded Egypt to try and capture the Suez Canal. It didn't work and Hitler had to send General Erwin "the Desert Fox" Rommel to save their bacon.

On this day in military 1993. With the blessing of President Bill "Where's my legacy" Clinton, the Israelis and Palestinians signed the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Accord, thereby guaranteeing that they would killing each other for years to come.


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