Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The military and liberals

This via Drudge. According to the Christian Science Monitor, there is a "strident" minority of troops who are anti-Bush. In my experiences with the military, I have encountered a few liberals. Most were not all that vocal, except for a female 1st Lieutenant that I met last year who wore her feminist credentials on her sleeve and thought that the Clintons (especially Hillary) walked on water and that President Bush was the anti-Christ.

The article contains various comments from disgruntled soldiers, and one of the stupidest comments comes from a Specialist Swink. After trashing the President on the "no WMD" charge and then whining about only wanting to fight America's enemies, not protect Iraqi women and children, he spews the following:

"Kerry protested the war in Vietnam. He is the one to end this stuff, to lead to our exit of Iraq."

Yup, there you have it. John "War Hero" Kerry knows all about stabbing your fellow soldiers in back and giving "aid and comfort" to the enemy from Vietnam. He will be perfect to lead our "exit" (read: retreat) from Iraq. I'm sure that the families of those 1,000 dead servicemen will very happy to know that their deaths were in vain as we run home with our tail between our legs. I'm sure that the Islamo-fascists will be very impressed with our "resolve" when it comes to fighting terrorism. "Hey Osama! You were right! Kill a few Americans and they run away like the infidels that they are!" Needless to say, Specialist Swink says that he will be voting for "War Hero" John.

Essentially, the gist of the article is the following: A) military members are pissed off with being in Iraq and want to go home, B) "War Hero" John says he'll bring them home and C) pissed off military members will vote for "War Hero" John in droves. This would make sense if not for the following: The first rule of being in the military is always, always, ALWAYS be prepared for the proverbial "change in plans". If the military actually believe that "War Hero" John will get them out of Iraq in four years (or less), they are stupider that the liberals think they are. The Cap'n and I can testify that on occasions too numerous to count, the only thing that is constant in the military is change. We always said that the three greatest military lies were 1) The trucks are on the way, 2) There will be hot chow waiting for us over that hill, and 3) it's only a short hike.

Vice-President Cheney was right. If by some stroke of bad luck, "Gigolo John" wins the presidency in November, like they say in the military, just stand by. Remember the celebrations in the Muslim world after the 9/11 attacks? They will be much, much bigger if Kerry is elected because the terrorists will know that they have won. The terrorists will be only too happy to continue killing Americans, at home and abroad, and with much more renewed vigor since the Great Satan has changed leaders from one who believes that the "only good terrorist is a dead terrorist" for one who believes that "running away from Vietnam worked before, so why not now?"


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