Sunday, October 10, 2004

Marathon Man

This via Michelle Malkin. John "I have a plan" Kerry seems to have run in the Boston Marathon. However, this sounds like it could be another "Christmas in Cambodia" moment since there is no record of him ever having run officially. Maybe he watched the marathon on TV while he ran on his "Boston Marathon" treadmill and Ter-Ray-Sah clapped from the sidelines to give him support ("Keep going, future president of mine").

During the 80's, when I was younger and had more hair, I ran in the Deseret News Marathon. It is held every year during the Days of 47 celebration in July in Utah. The race course started up Parley's Canyon at Dimple Dell Golf Course, ran up and over Little Mountain Pass, down Emigration Canyon, past Hogle Zoo and the This Is The Place Monument, down 13th East past the University of Utah, turned down South Temple to State Street, then down State Street to Liberty Park and the finish. I don't remember my exact times, but they were always over 4 hours. My worst time happened the year that it rained most of the race. I turned in a time that was close to 5 hours. One year, the race organizers allowed all runners to run down the Days of 47 Parade route during the parade, not only those who go there before the start of the parade. So, I when I got to the parade, instead of being directed to a side street, I was told to run thru a gap in the parade spectators where I burst out onto the parade route in the middle of a marching band and had my 15 seconds of fame. But, other than those two incidents, all I remember is the pain in my joints at the end of the race and asking myself if torturing my body for 26 miles and 4+ hours was worth a cheesy T-shirt and free yogurt.


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