Friday, October 01, 2004

Good-bye sauerkraut and bratwurst! Hello pomodori and pasta!

As is normal for my line of work, I was informed Wednesday to finally pack my stuff and hit the road for sunnier pastures and oh, by-the-way, be there on Thursday. I had known about this for a month and had already packed everything, BUT I wasn't able to execute The Great El-ahrairah Bug Out Plan #3 until I got the OK. So, now, instead of cursing the weather in the land of sauerkraut, bratwurst and Oktoberfest, I'm now sitting in the sun and loving life in the land of pomodori, pasta and the "boob" tube (where "boob" is understood to mean "breasts").

Until I get myself settled in, I probably won't be posting much other than I heard that War Hero John won the debate according to three polls. Just like the Cap'n said, if they are like anything else done by the "un-biased" new media typified by Dan Rather and the CBS News, they probably conducted the polls at the DNC. I'll withhold my judgement until the report is fact-checked by the blogosphere.

Ciao a tutti!


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