Sunday, July 20, 2008

Racism we can believe in

The other night, I was flipping thru the channels and I stumbled on a live concert performance by Carlos Mencina on Comedy Central. I like to watch his programs and also those by Dave Chappelle because they both make fun of the third rail of liberalism, racism. They take on the conventional wisdom of racism and make fun of blacks, asians, Latinos, whites, Jews and pretty well anyone else.

Anyway, the performance was from February of this year when Hillary and Barack were still going at it, and he said some things that got me thinking a bit. He said that all whites should vote for Obama because that will mean that racism no longer exists in America. Think about it. If Obama is elected president, how can blacks in America say that racsim exists when the leader of the United States is black? You would assume that if racsim existed, it would be against whites, asians, Latinos, etc., bu not against his own people.

The next logical step would be that if Obama is elected president and therefore, racsim towards blacks no longer exists, will he take the next logical step and dismantle the EEOC and other laws to prevent discrimination against blacks? These laws were put into place to "level the playing field" for blacks, but now that a black man is the president of the United States, one could argue that the playing field is now level and there is no longer a need for these laws. Of course, people who see racism behind every door and underneath every rock will say otherwise. But, like with the energy crisis, a very simple arguement will bring down the liberal house of cards.

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