Wednesday, June 25, 2008

OK, now we are pissed!

With the recent Californication of the institiution of marriage (also here) and the proposed amendment to the California constitution to ban the practice of gay marriage, the LDS Church has weighed in on the amendment by urging it's members to do everything in their power to pass the amendment.

Some may think that the LDS Church should just "butt out and mind it's own business" or that the mighty Supreme Court has spoken and we should all grovel at their feet ("I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy"). Unfortunately for those who think in this way, many years ago, there was once a liberal group in Utah called the ACLU who decided to go to court to stop the LDS Church from "mettling" in government affairs. It seems that the LDS Church was lobbying the state legislature of Utah (Oh NO! Say it isn't so!) in regards to some ballot inititive. The ACLU thought that since the LDS Church was a religious organization, the church should not be allowed to lobby government entities since this would be a violation of the separation of church and state. The ACLU predicted victory over the evil LDS Church since everyone knows that only organizations like the ACLU who only have the purest intentions when they sue local governments over nativity scenes, etc., should only be allowed to lobby the legislature. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, the ACLU forgot to read the Constitution where it states that anyone can lobby the government, even religions, which was convienently pointed out to them by the court. After all, if we start preventing churches from lobbying the government, who will be next? Pompous jerks like the ACLU? We can only pray.

Anyway, I hope the people of California wake up to what is transpiring around them and vote to outlaw gay marriage. As many have pointed out, allowing gay marriage is the proverbial "slippery slope" which will lead to removing laws against polygamy and age of consent laws. Supporters of gay marriage say that this will never happen, but then until a few years ago, nobody thought that we would be fighting gay marriage because "it would never happen." If the courts can "magically" find some reason to allow gay marriage, they will also "magically" find some reason to allow polygamy or some reason to do away with age of consent laws. If you don't believe me, just stand by. You will be surprised to what depths the courts will sink when controlled by liberals.

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