Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The wait is over

The wait is over and the CBS News Memogate report has been released. Many Americans doubted that the report would be anything other than a complete whitewash, but from what I have read here and here, it doesn't seem to be all that much of one. Of course, Gunga Dan escaped without even a handslap, but firing four employees was more than I thought that CBS would do.

I guess the blogosphere feels big-time vindicated, but all I have to say is although this feels good now for Bush supporters, as we used to say in the Marine Corps, what goes around comes around. Hopefully, the Republicans have learned from this that there are many bloggers out there that will only be too happy to fact check anything that they say, so they better be telling the truth the first time. Anyway, the best report on this whole controversy goes to Liberal Larry. It wouldn't be so funny if there weren't actual liberals who think this way (I'm sure the Cap'n has met a few) and my wife's cousins who actually think like this. Clue Bat anyone?


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