Monday, January 03, 2005

I'm back

I’m back from my extended vacation over the Christmas holidays. My daughter decided that getting married two days after Christmas would be the perfect way to celebrate her love with her new husband, so as a result, Christmas this year was like another, run-of-the-mill Sunday. That, coupled with a trip to Switzerland to complete the marriage festivities, has kept me from even looking at a computer for the last week. Here are some of my thoughts on various items.

The Tsunami Disaster. It’s kind of hard for me to get all worked up over this since I see photos in the newspapers of foreigners celebrating the new year in Phuket just a few hundreds of meters from destroyed hotels as if there was nothing wrong. I saw a quick report on the idiot box (read: TV) and it showed assorted Indonesian tsunami victims crying “Where is America?” I find it interesting that Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world, celebrated the attacks on the World Trade Center and considers us the “Great Satan” now is begging for us to go there and help them out. I guess we are only the “Great Satan” when things are going good, but the fecal material hits the fan and suddenly, they are out best friends.

The Tsunami Warning System. The US came out smelling like a rose on this one. For once, we did something good without getting blamed.

The Relief Aid. Even though our tsunami warning system worked as it should have, some people just can’t seem to get their hatred out of the US out of their systems, therefore, they are criticizing the US for our “slow” response and “stinginess”. I’m sure when all is said and done, more will be done by the US than the rest of the world to help the tsunami disaster victims.

Pasta. Italians eat pasta for Christmas and New Year’s dinner. If they celebrated Thanksgiving, I’m sure they would also eat pasta. Go figure.

Idiot In-Laws. My wife has a cousin who is your typical George-Bush-is-evil-Kofi-is-a-saint European. For New Year’s Eve, they announced to us that instead of hanging out with the rest of the family, they would be attending a “peace” rally/candlelight vigil. Not wanting to cause problems, I kept my mouth shut, but my wife piped up that they were wasting their time. You go girl!

“I don’t want to cause family problems at this time of year, but…” Ever notice how liberals “don’t want to cause problems” and then proceed to criticize you about your beliefs? My wife’s cousins decided that since I was an American, the holidays were the ideal time to criticize George Bush and America. They were angry that George Bush “wants to take over the UN” and become the “dictator of the world”. I told them that as long as he doesn’t become a dictator in America that would be fine with me.

5000 Military Deserters in Canada. These same sponge-head cousins of my wife told us that they read in one of the Italian papers that 5000 members of the military had “defected” to Canada to escape the Iraqi War. I told them that there was no way that it was true since knowing how much the MSM hates George Bush, this would have been a 24 hour, non-stop news story that would have replaced the tsunami disaster as a headline.

Kofi the Appeaser. I heard on the radio an interview that George Stephanopolous was doing with Kofi the Appeaser. I don’t remember what the program was called, but it should have been called “Softball with George” for all the easy “questions” that he was tossing over to Kofi. Some of the items that stand out:

- George thinks that dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshima was a “disaster” in the same league as the tsunami disaster.

- Kofi says that the tsumani reconstruction will probably go on for 5 to 10 years. My first thought was that Kofi needs that much time to make up for all the money he lost when the Oil for Fraud program was shutdown due to the Iraq War.

- Kofi says that although the Oil for Fraud program was plagued with kickbacks and fraud, it actually accomplished its goals of providing food for the Iraqis, so it was essentially good.

- Kofi says that the world can be confident that any money that is given to the UN for the tsunami relief will be distributed efficiently and without fraud. His reasoning was that before the Oil for Fraud program, the UN was able to provide humanitarian relief in other places around the world without any problems, ergo, there is nothing to worry about. My take on this is that these programs were rampant with fraud but that nobody had the “balls” to publicize it. I would trust one of those Nigerian bank scams before I would trust Kofi the Appeaser with of my money.

In closing, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (belated) and a Happy New Year (also belated).


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