Tuesday, December 21, 2004

On this day in military history....in 1945

On this day in military history....in 1945. General George S. Patton dies. One of the United States greatest generals, General George S. Patton died from injuries suffered from a car accident. He is buried, not in the United States at Arlington Cemetary, but with his men at the American Cemetary outside the city of Luxembourg. His grave was at one time found with the rest of the graves, but due to some many visitors tramping on the other graves, it was moved to the front where it can be seen very easily.

Say what you will about General Patton but we must all be grateful for his service to our country. He always spoke his mind which got him into to trouble with the media more that once, but there are times when actions count more than words. The United States could use more men like hims to lead our country.


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