Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Yeah! They finished the bridge!

The French finally finished a highway bridge around the city of Millau in southern France. Why is this important in the big scheme of things? Millau is on one of the major north-south axis from Paris to southern France. The entire route is at least two-lane highway, except for the 15 - 20 kilometers that pass thru Millau. When the freeway ends, you are routed onto a two-lane road which winds down one side of the gorge to the Tarn river, thru the city of Millau and up the other side of the gorge. On a good day during summer tourist season, you will waste only about 30 minutes, but on a normal, tourist season day, you will waste at least one hour passing thru the town, stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic the whole way. This summer when I passed thru Millau on my way to Montpellier and the beach, I could see the bridge in the distance and it looked very impressive. Maybe next summer, I'll be able to actually drive it.


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