Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Heather has two mommies revisited

The following situation just makes me want to slap some sense into somebody. A "former" lesbian and her "partner", are fighting over "parental" visitation rights for a 3 year-old child. The "former" lesbian is the birth mother of the child who was artificially inseminated. She was joined to her partner in a Vermont civil ceremony before the birth of the child. The child's birth certificate has both the women's names on it. Fast forward to now. The two lesbians have had a falling out and the mother of the child, who has changed her lifestyle due to "finding religion", wants to curtail all access to her child by her former lover, who is not related by blood to the child. This would seem like a slam-dunk decision, but unfortunately, the judge in this case must have just finished watching a 24-hour Oprah marathon since he has ruled that the child's best interests are served by having two mothers.

I can't see who any sane person would rule in favor of this, but being from Red-State Utah, a part of "Jesusland", I guess I'm not smart enough to see the "nuance" in the situation. Hopefully, this will be overturned on appeal, but don't hold your breath. If gays can't force their will on us at the ballot box, they'll do it in court.


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