Tuesday, December 14, 2004

And they said it couldn't be done.

In complete and utter disregard for the UN, the EU and other lefty nay-sayers, Iraq will start putting members of Saddam Hussein's old government on trial next week. I guess you tell an oppressed people long enough that they are not qualified to put their oppressors on trial and they will go out and do it just to show you that they can. 2005 will be an interesting year as Saddam's thugs and cronies are paraded before the whole world and try to save their sorry necks as they "spill the beans" on which members of the UNSC were "aiding and abetting" their "Fraud for Oil" scam. Dare we dream of a certain French president facing the same sort of tribunal? Only time will tell.

In a somewhat related note, another "non-existent" mass grave (which is "irrevelant" to the legality of the Iraqi invasion according to Kofi "The Appeaser" and the MSM) was found in northern Iraq. I seem to remember hearing that the truth will set you free. I guess that depends on who you are. If you are one of Saddam's friends, it seems the truth keeps pounding nails in your coffin.


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