Thursday, January 06, 2005

He must be related somehow

From Pravda of Utah (The Salt Lake Tribune) we get this item about seven teenage boys who decided that killing domestic turkeys was too much like eating Lay's potato chips: You can't stop with just one.

They ended up killing one thousand two hundred.

An anonymous tip led Sanpete County Sheriff's Deputy Kenny Kirkham to the seven, four of whom were 18 year-old adults. All are being charged with criminal mischief, a felony, and trespass, a misdemeanor. Let's hope they all have fun in jail and get their sorry irresponsible delinquent teenage asses sued for damages.

And just how did these Model Citizens from Utah County find their way to a Sanpete County turkey farm? Why, they were out "spotlighting" deer and rabbits. While the article doesn't say if they had firearms with them, generally spotlighting involves driving around at night, seeing an animal next to the road, shining a light on it, and shooting it. But even if you don't shoot it's still illegal to spotlight protected wildlife, according to Utah law. So in effect, these boys weren't out skylarking -- they were out committing crimes.

Which makes the following quote from Deputy Kirkham seem all the more unusual. Of the boys, he said:

"It's probably a good group of kids who got together and did something stupid"

No, Deputy. Good kids who do stupid things in groups usually perform minor juvenile hijinks that are relatively harmless. What they don't do is get together to intentionally commit felonies and massive acts of vandalism.

I wonder if Deputy Kirkham knows their families.


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