Monday, January 10, 2005

On this day in military 1072

On this day in military history….in 1072. The Norman, Robert Guiscard de Hauteville, Duc of Apulia, and his brother Roger, take Palermo on the island of Sicily. The Arabs controlled Sicily since 965. In 1060, the Normans launched a crusade against the Arabs in Sicily and Robert Guiscard took Palermo, the capital of Arab Sicily, in 1072. Because of the Norman conquest of Sicily, Norman influence can be seen in the architecture of numerous churches and castles located on the island. It is said that there are more Norman castles on the island of Sicily than in Normandy, so if your basic, square-ish, rock castle with a turret on each corner is what “floats your boat”, then take a trip to Sicily. You will quickly get your fill.


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