Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yet another ritual of my youth corrupted

It seems that yet another ritual of my youth has been corrupted. I remember when I was just a little bunny and the monthly ritual of my Sainted Father taking me and the Cap'n to the local barber shop. We would sit there, read comic books and listen to my Sainted Father and the barbers talk about "manly" things like hunting, fishing and politics while waiting for "our" barber to cut our hair in the the prescribed 60's-era butch cut fashion. This was all well and good, but as I entered my teens, our Sainted Mother declared that my Sainted Father's barber always "scalped" us and she decided that it was time to start taking us to her hair dresser to get our hair cut. This was back when, in Utah, it was considered "un-manly" to let a woman (other than a female relative) cut your hair. We had to be smuggled in to the hair salon thru the back door to avoid having any one from school/church/neighborhood see us and subject us to the inevitable ridicule and teasing. Our Sainted Father protested a bit, but stopped when he realized that my Sainted Mother would pay for our hair cuts and not him. Chintzy dad!

At first, I was very reluctant to let a woman cut my hair, but after being forced a few times, I started to realize that having a woman cut my hair wasn't really all that bad. In fact, I started looking forward to it because I had discovered, like most other men, that when a woman cuts a man's hair, her breasts are just about at eye level, and if the woman is as well-endowed as my Sainted Mother's hair dresser was at the time, they get shoved into his face a lot and I mean, A LOT. Now, for a shy, pimply-faced teenage boy who had a hard enough time even speaking to girls, this was something to look forward to. "Gee Mom, I know it's been only a week, but don't you think my hair is kind of getting long? I think I need another hair cut."

Now, it looks like someone in the Great State of Utah (AKA Zion) has taken this whole ritual of my youth one step further. So, now a woman who has a decent body doesn't have to resort to being a stripper to take advantage of it. She can learn learn to cut hair and although she still shoves her breasts in the face of her customer, at least it's not during a lap dance. Since they are starting to field francise requests, this is probably not the last time you will hear about "Bikini Cuts". I wonder if the San Francisco francise will feature men in Speedos and transvestites dressed like Madonna. Anyway, I'll bet my Sainted Father's old barber is probably spinning in his grave right now.


At 6:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Denver, there's a barbershop (salon?) called "A Little Off The Top". The staff wears lingerie. Sorry, they don't have a website -- or I couldn't find one anyway.


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