Friday, October 14, 2005

I know how this kid got that way

This kid deserved what he got.

Cliff notes: Choir Boy and his upstanding buddies push another kid around at school. Principal intervenes, sends kids home, Choir Boy calls kid when he gets home and challenges him to a fight.

Choir Boy and his Skanky Ho bring along BB pistols and rob kid when he shows up for fight. Choir Boy, now feeling Big and Bad, puts away gun and starts a fistfight with the kid. Kid fights back, hits Choir Boy in head, causes brain hemorrage.

Choir Boy ends up in Hospital.

And, best of all, Sheriff and DA are going to let kid off but charge Choir Boy and Skanky Ho with robbery and assault.

So far, no problems here. In fact, I'm quite proud the Sheriff and the DA are able to supress their Oprah instincts and make a decision based on the law.

But now Choir Boy's family are saying that Choir Boy was the victim here. As expected, Grandpa says that Choir Boy was jumped by several of the kid's friends, that only the girl tried to rob him, and that even if he did make trouble, rob the kid, and start the fight, he doesn't deserve to die.

Bulls#*t. This brat deserves to spend the rest of his life as a vegetable. That kid, with his lucky punch, did more to lower the future crime rate of the neighborhood than the entire Sheriff's office and Juvenile Court System. If Choir Boy is doing armed robbery at age 12, then one can only imagine what he'll do when he gets older. And since the Courts will only slap his wrist when he's this young, in my opinion this is a far more just punishment.

Let's consider what would have happened if Choir Boy had gotten mad shot the kid in the eye. Or if, as happens on rare occasions, the BB penetrated into the skull of the kid. The tables could be turned and the kid might be the one fighting for life in the hospital. And Choir Boy would be sent to Juvenile hall for a stern talking-to. Based on what I've heard them say on television, I know his white-trash family wouldn't do anything to punish him.

So, do us all a favor, Slater family, and shut your frickin' traps. Your kid started this. Your kid pulled the gun. Your kid committed armed robbery. Your kid threw the first punch. Now shutup and enjoy the consequences of raising a juvenile delinquent.


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