Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Could this be part of the Evil Karl Rove Master Plan?

I have been reading the reaction to the Miers nomination from the MSM, the blogsphere and my own brother and the thought just crossed my mind. Could this be just another part of Evil Karl Rove's Master Plan to make the Democrats look stupid?

Let's think about this. The Republicans want another conservative judge for the Supreme Court. Many have mentioned a few names of very conservative judges who would be more than qualified. However, since they are conservative, the Democrats will pull out the stops to stop their nomination to the Supreme Court. So, President Bush decides to nominate Miers for the Supreme Court. Since Miers has no experience as a judge, is an evangelical christian who is against abortion and is part of Bush's inner circle, the Democrats should be falling all over themselves to express their "grave concerns", yada, yada, yada, ad nauseum about how she doesn't represent "mainstream American" (read: Chuck Shumer). Since the Roberts nomination made the Democrats look stupid, they would really be motivated to kill this nomination. You could say that Miers is a throwaway nomination.

After successfully killing Miers nomination, the Democrats would be celebrating big time. However, President Bush would be free to nominate who he really wants to, a very conservative judge. This nomination would be confirmed more easily since the Democrats, having spent their political muscle killing the Miers nomination, would be seen as "obstructionist" (as if they aren't already) if they killed this nomination. Ergo, yet another conservative judge for the Supreme Court and the Evil Karl Rove continues to make the Democrats look stupid.

The fact that the Democrats aren't doing much criticism and that it's mostly coming from the Republicans doesn't mean much at this time. All Miers has to do is when asked about abortion during the hearings is just say that she thinks it is murder and should be prosecuted as a crime and Bingo! Ted Kennedy and the rest of the Democrats will have a collective coronary.

I could be wrong but President Bush has shown himself to be a master of setting his enemies up to show their stupidity. He did it masterfully on the Roberts nomination, don't be surprised if this scenario actually does happen. If it does, The Great El-ahrairah told you so. Of course, if it doesn't, oh well, what do I know. I'm just a rabbit.


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