Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Rocky's on a roll

Utah's most famous liberal idiot is at it again. In an interview with the Guardian (yes, that Guardian), Rocky compared his situation in Utah to that of living under the Taliban.

Gee, where have we heard that one before?

When he realized that his quote would be read outside of Britain, he backpedaled furiously, stating it was that eeevil Deseret News, yes, the DesNews and all those other nefarious persons who are out to get him, like those brainwashed Mormons on the City Council.

But not the LDS Church. Oh, no. Rocky loves Mormons. Honest.

This does not shock me in the least. It's actually kind of refreshing to hear some honesty, instead of bland platitudes about unity and tolerance and diversity. Rocky and his hard-left base hate Mormons with a purple passion, and that's that. Why is it so hard for the preening elites at the Alliance for Unity to face the truth?

Rocky Anderson is an anti-Mormon bigot. Period. End-of-sentence. Now that we all know what he is, can we all stop pretending otherwise?


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