Friday, October 14, 2005

Like you and me, only better

Say Uncle regularly posts examples of how government elites, often liberal Democrats, get away with breaking the law because, well, they're better than the common man. Now Utah has its' own example: Mayor Rocky Anderson.

Today, the Salt Lake City Attorney, Ed Rutan, provided some cover to the beleaguered mayor by stating he gave the legal "green light" for Rocky's Excellent Italian Adventure. Specifically, he said it was legal for Rocky to use city money to pay trip expenses for his girlfriend and cronies. Not a problem at all.

Oh, come on. I work for a government bureaucracy; every time I have gone on a speaking trip or conference and brought my wife along I've had to pay her expenses myself, with no reimbursement. In fact, I'd get at least a letter of reprimand, if not get dismissed outright, if I used taxpayer money for her meals and any other items she decided to buy.

I doubt Rocky will get indicted for this; the calls for an investigation are merely a political ploy to call attention to his blatant hypocrisy. Not a bad thing that, but the fact I know nothing will happen kinda rankles me.


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