Thursday, August 25, 2005

Prepare for Long Gas Lines, Hawai'i

One of the Bluest states in America has proved yet again that the Liberals just don't get it. Hawai'i's Public Utilities Commission has just announced that they will be placing price caps on gasoline.

How stupid can these people be? Don't they understand basic economics? The reason gas prices are higher in Hawai'i is because it's more expensive to ship and refine gas there. When you cap the price of gas below what is profitable, then no one will want to ship it to you; they can't make enough money to cover their costs. It's really quite simple, but to pandering liberals with their Marxist delusions, high prices are merely a product of Greedy Oil Companies.

I was a teenager during the late 70's, and I remember the Carter-era Energy Crisis. The "crisis" was not due so much to greedy Arab states but to the blundering neo-socialists of the Carter Administration and their penchant for price controls, heavy regulation, and "windfall profits" taxes. The result was high prices and long lines.

When Ronald Reagan came into office he deregulated the market, and within a few years prices plummeted. As with any commodity, whenever markets are allowed to work, there will be abundance. Whenever they are restricted, there will be shortages.

Enjoy waiting in line for gas, Hawai'i. And be sure to bring a good book to read; "The Wealth of Nations" would be an excellent choice.


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