Saturday, August 13, 2005

An update to a previous "On this day in military history"

As most regualr readers to The Warren know, one of my "hobbies" from when I was old enough to remember has always been war history. I especially seeking out and visiting the various battlefields around the world. Some are very well maintained (Gettysburg) and others are less so ("What? There was a battle here?"). Some of the more difficult battlefields to visit are those at sea. I have only been able to visit a few sea battlefields like Pearl Harbor since when ships are sunk, they are hard to find. But, thanks to modern technology, Italian archeologists have found the site of the decisive naval battle of the First Punic War off the west coast of Sicily. I previously posted this about this battle (the Battle of the Aegates Islands) and now, I can at least go visit a museum (when it gets built). I just have to convince my wife that I need to go there.


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