Sunday, October 24, 2004

Why The Great El-ahrairah voted for President Bush

The Great El-ahrairah received his absentee ballot from the Great State of Utah on Friday. I have just completed voting have decided to explain why I voted the way that I did.

For president, I voted for the only man on the ballot who would keep America safe, President George W. Bush. I will admit that President Bush is not perfect and has done some things that I do not agree with, but in the things that matter the most, he stands for the things that I agree with. I would never vote for Senator John Kerry for one simple reason: although he was a decorated Vietnam veteran, this does not excuse what he did after the war. As far as I’m concerned, his actions amount to treason against the United States and he should be punished accordingly. If he had been a Republican, I would still feel the same way.

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that Senator John Kerry served his country honorably and after the war, was a model citizen. His positions on the things that matter most to me (terrorism, abortion, gay marriage, taxes, etc.) are completely opposite from my beliefs.

National Security. I believe that if John Kerry was elected president, the US foreign policy and national security would be controlled by the UN. We all know who controls US foreign policy and national security with President Bush and it isn’t the French.

Terrorism. I believe that if John Kerry was elected president, terrorism would grow since he does not show that he has the "balls" to go after the terrorists. I do not want a president who will make America safer; I want a president who will make the world more dangerous for terrorists. President George Bush feels the same way that I do, that the only good terrorist is one who has gone to Allah without collecting his 72 virgins.

Iraq. Senator John Kerry has said that Iraq was the "wrong war in the wrong place at the wrong time." Back during the first Gulf War, I knew that we would be going back to Iraq someday to take out Saddam Hussein. He was an active supporter of terrorists in the world and he needed to be removed from power, if only for the reason that he was a brutal dictator. President George Bush understood this and I support everything that he has done in Iraq. Senator John Kerry doesn’t and if he had been president, Saddam Hussein would have still been in power and we would be licking the boots of Kofi Annan.

Abortion. John Kerry supports abortion. I think abortion is the murder of an innocent life and so does President George Bush.

Gay Marriage. John Kerry supports gay marriage, I believe gay marriage to be a mockery of the sacred institution of marriage and so does President George Bush.

Taxes. Although he says that he will not raise my taxes, I know that John Kerry is lying and the minute he is president, my taxes will go up. President George Bush knows that my money is better spent by me and not by the government.

Gun Control. John Kerry is a liberal and for all liberals, guns are bad. Ergo, he will do anything that he can to advance gun control in the United States. President George Bush is not afraid of an armed populace.

In short, John Kerry is a liberal and his presidency would be a curse on our nation.


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